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25th February 2020
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28th February 2020

Welcome to Merton Festival

Within the instances long ago, wild dogs used to hunt and seek out their meals. The toy weighs round 2 lbs. and is 13 inches high and works best with medium and enormous canine breeds. An instructional booklet is also included with ideas and tricks to coach the canines of all ages. A fun and entertaining interactive toy that is superb for a canine who enjoys enjoying fetch! (Just ensure you top off on further balls). You probably have a troublesome chewer use warning with this toy; Laika managed to get the top off within a couple minutes. She didn't destroy it (as a result of I took it away), but for big chewers like her taking it apart is fairly interesting. My buddies with smaller canine love this toy, but I would not advocate it for large canine.
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